SafeAwake Interviewed on Radio Show

Tim Shaffer, president of SafeAwake, was recently interviewed for the radio show Executive Leaders Radio.  The interview will air for three weekends on the following dates:

Greater Metro FAIRFAX Show:
WNEW 1580 AM in Washington DC – Saturday, December 22nd, 29th, &     January 5th, 10AM-11AM

Live at: and at the same time on (search 1580, then click to listen Saturday 10AM).

Heard throughout the Washington DC region.

WFED 1500:
AM.WWFD 820 AM – Sunday, December 23rd, 30th & January 6th, 9AM-10AM

Streams live at

You can also access the show on iTunes and find the ELR content listed on these podcast sites:, and

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